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Helidon: Microservice health check

Health check of our Microservice is part of Microprofile specification. So we don't need to write anything special with Helidon. All the health API will be available out of the box in...

Helidon: Microservice REST API

Writing REST API with the Helidon framework is not a hard job since it is compliant with Microprofile specification. The good part is that we don't need to learn any new technology...

Helidon: Build microservice in zero time

Microservice is the new architectural practice in the Cloud-native application development. This will make sure quick and easy shipment to the customers. Development tools and frameworks are released frequently than before to...

Top 7 Microservice frameworks for Java developers in 2019

I am not a big fan of Spring boot or any other Spring frameworks. This is not about, I completely hate/ignore the Spring eco-system. Spring community has done a great contribution to...

Microservice development with Microprofile 3.0

Introduction Microservice is one the hot trends with-in developer community in the recent years. Microservice is not a new technology but this is a new architecture style for modern...