Why Flutter is a great technology for makers & small business owners?

As per the wikipedia,

Flutter is an open source UI development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia , and the web from a single codebase . The first version of Flutter was known as codename “Sky” and ran on the Android operating system.

In the recent years, Flutter got lots of traction with in developers community as well as big brands. Flutter crossed 102K (1,02,000) stars in Github. Flutter is also one of the top trending open source projects in Github. I am going to explain more about, why flutter is a great technology for Makers and small business owners in this article.

I am going to consider the following criterias in order to have the justification for the above statement. The criterias are,

  • Money
  • Time to market
  • Learning curve
  • Technology adoption
  • Support


Money is one of the biggest struggle for individual makers and small business owners. Considering makers are targeting, Android and iOS as their primary targets for their business success. They have to spend lots of money to develop and launch their apps for these platforms independently. Since Flutter offers a multi platform apps from a single source code, makers can reduce the app development budget heavily and launch their business so quickly.

Time to market

Time to market is an another important KPI for small business successes. They always want to launch their business quickly and validate the market early. Flutter helps the makers to build the apps quickly and launch their business into multiple platforms so easily. It won’t require any additional effort to expand their business to multiple platform when they grow.

Learning curve

Even though Javascript is a great technology, it mandates lots of additional technologies makers to expertise to build a wonderful web application. To name few, makers have to learn Javascript, HTML, CSS, Javascript frameworks (Angular / React / Vue), CSS frameworks (Bootstrap; optional). Whereas, makers to learn Dart which is the only programming language for building Flutter application. It also requires very minimal learning curve if you are familiar with any other programming language.

Technology adoption

Google has a long history for dropping many different technologies in the past. But in Flutter, you should consider 2 important things. The first one is the community behind the technology and the second one is the companies who have adopted the technology currently. Google is taking lots efforts in-order to build a great community behind the technology. Community is so important when you are in the need for some help.

The first big brand is Google itself to adopt the Flutter technology. There are so many Google apps are now running on Flutter. Alibaba, Square, BMW are some of the other big names behind Flutter and they have launched many apps on Flutter


You are not alone in the Flutter journey. Flutter community is so big and it is growing every day. You can see the momentum yourself directly in Flutter’s Github project. So I recommend you to keep exploring the option and own the decision yourself.

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