Why Firebase is a great technology for ‘Indie Makers’ in 2020

Firebase is a technology developed by Google. In this article, I am going to explore why Firebase is a great technology for ‘Indie Makers’ in 2020

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a great technology developed by Google. It offers lots of capabilities for developers to build mobile and web applications fast and simple. Firebase is an umbrella of products which contains many sub-products. Each sub-products offers unique functionality for the need for an application. The list of products are as follows,

Cloud FirestoreStore and sync app data at scaleM + W
ML KitMachine learning for mobile developersM
Cloud functionsRun mobile backend code without managing serversM + W
AuthenticationAuthenticate users simply and securelyM + W
HostingDeliver web app assets with speed and security W
Cloud storageStore and serve files at Google scale M + W
Realtime databaseStore and sync app data in milliseconds M + W
CrashlyticsPrioritize and fix issues with powerful, realtime crash reporting M
Performance monitoringGain insight into your app’s performance M + W
Test labTest your app on devices hosted by Google M
App distributionDistribute pre-release versions of your app to your trusted testers M
In-App messagingEngage active app users with contextual messages M
Google analyticsGet free and unlimited app analytics M + W
PredictionsSmart user segmentation based on predicted behavior M
A/B testingOptimize your app experience through experimentation M
Cloud messagingSend targeted messages and notifications M + W
Remote configModify your app without deploying a new version M
Dynamic linksDrive growth by using deep links with attribution M + W

NOTE: M – Mobile; W – Web Platform

Constraints of Indie Makers

When it comes to Indie makers, there are so many constraints for them to stand on their own. In which, I have listed down some of the important constraints and then we will go through each constraint in detail.

  • Budget
  • Knowledge to build MVP
  • Reach the market
  • Scale the business


Budget is the most important constraint for any Indie maker like me. We need to be very careful about the money which we spent during the early stage. Most people are not taking any steps in their entrepreneurial journey, just having the fear of losing money. Firebase is one of the key technology to save our life. Where we can start using all these services for absolutely free of cost. We don’t need to spend not even a single dollar to build our application. Firebase offers a free plan for makers like us. Their free plan is also reasonable and worth it until reaching a certain level in our business.

Knowledge to build MVP

Firebase provides its technology for all well-known platforms and languages. We don’t even learn any new programming languages to consume their services. For example, if a maker wants to build a web application, they can simply build their application by consuming Firestore, Authentication, Cloud hosting and cloud storage. All these technologies follows the same standard and programming paradigm. Then we can extend our application based on the reach or on our business needs. In another way, if a maker wants to build a mobile application, they can consume Firestore, Authentication, Cloud storage and launch their app.

On top of the basic Firestore technologies, Makers can also extend their consumption by adding additional Firestore capabilities. This is so simple and easy.

Reach the market

The challenging part of the maker lies heavily on ‘Reach to market’. Once makers build our MVP, they need to reach the market and test their application. Google Firebase platform offers many applications to even support indie makers. For example, we can use services like App distribution, A/B testing and Predictions to reach the mass market and try our application.

Scale the business

Google Firebase platform is supported by Google Cloud. So that we can scale our business easily once we grow or interested to extend our business to the next level.

I believe this article would have given some basic understanding of Firebase and various other services offered by Google. Please subscribe to my blog to get more insights into each Firebase services in detail. Bye for now. Thanks for reading!

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