Top 7 Microservice frameworks for Java developers in 2019

I am not a big fan of Spring boot or any other Spring frameworks. This is not about, I completely hate/ignore the Spring eco-system. Spring community has done a great contribution to the Java growth and very popular with-in Java developers. The overall motivation of this article is to explore the best frameworks for Java developers to build ‘Microservices’ in the context of ‘Microprofile’. If you want to get some understanding of Microprofile and why we need to care for, then you should read my previous article on Microprofile.

Top 7 Microprofile frameworks

Please find the list below with no particular order,

  • Open Liberty
  • Quarkus
  • Helidon
  • Payara Micro
  • Thorntail
  • Tomee
  • Kumuluz EE
FrameworkVendorGit StarGit ForkLicense
Open LibertyIBM632355 EPL 1.0
QuarkusRed Hat2786447Apache 2.0
HelidonOracle1584225Apache 2.0
Payara MicroPayara Foundation717217CDDL 1.0
ThorntailRed Hat372244Apache 2.0
Kumuluz EEKumuluz24652MIT

Based on the Git star both Quarkus and Helidon is leading the race compared to others. But you can choose which framework is well suited for your business needs and the license approved in your organization. The surprising part here is that, both Quarkus and Helidon frameworks are entirely new to the Microservices frameworks race.

Let us see how things are flying with others in the coming years!

NOTE: The data is based on 18-Oct-2019


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